man vs. MachinE. man is MachinE.


Marcel Everette is a study on the juxtaposition of humanity and MachinE.
Created by man working for and against. Precious metals are at times indestructible ex:
the heavy leathers, wools and reinforced seams. 


The MachinE is woven in to create a picturesque idea of the harmony that can exist between the two.
Are we able to wear the same metals we use to create things that can destroy us?


Repeated wear can result in most precious metals slowly bonding to the shape/form of body.
This can be understood through the process of  “kinetic energy” :WARM”… the body heating the metal
(over time) just enough to bring it closer. 


the pieces that can be photographed standing up (alone) show the possibility of addition of MachinE.


The freeform (linen, cotton blends) pieces are just thread (humanity), impressionable & malleable, capable of mild warmth.


all metals involved are woven in their actual state. the garments will age with their owners. 

just like MachinE, the garments will outlast them. 

they will take on the form of their individual owner (age together).


POSSIBLY :we are MachinE.



We build the crane we hang from.